Career Pathway

What is Career Pathway?

Career paths are routes that employees take from their first foray into the job market through to their final position before retirement. Generally speaking career paths start with the most junior position and end with the most senior position – this isn’t always the case but is likely the intention of any employee. It’s important to start thinking of career paths early as the choices made early on in a career can influence the opportunities available in the future.


To have a clear career pathway inside the organization that raise motivation and as well retain employees as they see the future of their job paths inside the organization (department or other departments). 


This will be designed by Engage consultants in coordination with the HR function and the management team by designing an organization structure that allows spaces for promotions and career growth as well a position development plan that consist of special technical and non-technical competencies for each position and to be clear for each employee to be prepared before being promoted to higher level. 


10 working days 


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