Orientation Program

What is an Orientation Program?

Employee orientation is part of a long-term investment in a new employee. It is an initial process that provides easy access to basic information, programs and services, gives clarification and allows new employees to take an active role in their organization. It includes introducing new employees to their new environment, making new employees feel welcome and comfortable, and retaining a pool of new, capable employees.

It helps establish clear standards that help reduce disputes and limit liability, promote consistent management, inform new employees of the company’s policies, and demonstrate a commitment to equal treatment of personnel


To conduct an orientation program to each hired batch of the employees so that they are aware of the organizational structure, each function’s responsibility and each job profile. 


This will be designed by Engage consultants in coordination with the HR function and at a later stage can be amended by the line managers to add other information needed. In the orientation program each employee will receive a welcome kit that includes some info about the country that they will relocate to work in (i.e KSA, UAE, Kuwait … etc ) as well as a copy of the employee handbook and the job profile.


8 working days 


- Orientation program