Competency Model

What is Competency Modeling?

Competency modeling is the activity of determining the specific competencies that are characteristic of high performance and success in a given job. Competency modeling can be applied to a variety of human resource activities. Competencies enable employees to achieve results, thereby creating value. It follows that competencies aligned with business objectives help foster an organization's success. Organizations must understand their core competency needs - the skills, knowledge, behaviors, and abilities that are necessary for people in key roles to deliver business results.


To have a full competency model that can be added in the recruitment requirements, job profiles, performance management system. 


Will have three levels of competencies: 

1. Essential competencies which will reflect all the crucial and core competencies for all the organization 

2. Departmental competencies which will be specifically for each function within the organization (HR, Finance, Sales, IT .. etc.) 

3. Leadership competencies that will be specifically for the line managers and above. 

This phase will not include any technical competencies 


7 working days 


- Competency Model