Recruitment and Selection Methodology

What is Recruitment and Selection?

It is the process of attracting and choosing candidates for employment, it includes searching for and obtaining a pool of potential candidates with the desired knowledge, skills and experience to allow the selection of the most appropriate people to fill job vacancies against defined position descriptions and specifications. 

The purpose of the recruitment process is to find the widest pool of applicants to provide the greatest opportunity to select the best people for the required roles in the organization; considering the fact that acquiring the best applicants for a role can be a competitive advantage for an organization whereas ineffective recruitment and selection can result in enormous disruption, reduced productivity, interpersonal difficulties and interruptions to operations, customer service and long term costs.


To have a clear recruitment and selection methodology which consists the recruitment process as well as the recruitment policy. 


Will draw a recruitment process with SLA with all the organization departments and to be communicated with all line managers.


3 working days


- Recruitment Process 

- Recruitment Policy