Job Profiles

What are Job Profiles?

A Job Profile is a description of a particular work function that includes the elements deemed necessary to perform the post effectively. Specifically, a Job Profile might include such things as job responsibilities, required qualifications, advancement prospects, competencies and the initial pay or salary associated with the position, it defines, at a high-level, the function, accountabilities, and requirements of a position.


To have a clear Job Profile for each position that will include the following: 

1. Main objectives and main purpose of the position 

2. Job specifications 

3. Detailed accountabilities for each position 

4. Job Competencies 

5. The position’s interaction with other positions and managerial levels as well as its reporting line. 


From the organization design and the position list previously approved with the line managers, Engag will set the Job Profiles for the positions, which will include the above-mentioned sections. 

The line managers will review and approve each Job Profile before distributed to the employees to be signed. 


Will be based on the agreed upon number of positions. Approximately 5 to 8 Job Profiles per day. 


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