HR Manual

What is the HR Manual? 

The Human Resource Manual is a collection of corporate human resource policies and guidelines developed to assist managers, employees and human resources professionals with daily human resources management activities.


To describe workplace practices, hiring and termination procedures, and other pertinent information. Because these guides are essential for communicating an organization's workplace policy and because they are often referenced in legal proceedings, they must be thorough and accurate.


The TNA will be developed by going through 9 steps: 

1- Determine the audience of the HR manual.

2- Review all the existing organizational policies regarding hiring, termination, compensation, promotions, dress code, complaint procedures, sick days, vacations, etc.

3- Dividing the document into several policy categories, for example "workplace behavior," "termination," "sexual harassment," etc.

4- Write an organizational policy for each category.

5- Include a section detailing the procedures for dealing with complaints or grievances, outlining specific methods employees should use to express problems with the workplace or management.

6- Include a section detailing policies for exceptional circumstances, such as workplace emergencies, family deaths, etc.

7- Add an introduction to the HR manual after we have already laid out all the policies

8- Review a draft of the HR manual with Engage/Client legal advisor

9- Edit the draft version, publish a finished, dated version and distribute to all employees.


20 working days 


- HR Manual