TNA – Training Plan

What is TNA ( Training Needs Analysis)?

A training needs is a shortage of skills or abilities, which could be reduced or eliminated by means of training and development. Training needs hinder employees in the fulfilment of their job responsibilities or prevent an organization from achieving its objectives. They may be caused by a lack of skills, knowledge or understanding, or arise from a change in the workplace. Training needs analysis identifies training needs at employee, departmental or organizational level in order to help the organization to perform effectively. 


To ensure that training addresses existing problems, is tailored to organizational objectives, and is delivered in an effective and cost-efficient manner. 


The TNA will be developed by going through a 5 steps succession planning procedure: 

1- Anticipate future needs

2- Identify the level of need

3- Consider what type of training will be most appropriate

4- Collect previous Performance Appraisals for each employee 

5- Develop a clear training plan with an approved training budget from the management team


10 working days 


- Training Plan