What is the Assessment Center?

The assessment center method involves multiple evaluation techniques, including various types of job-related simulations. Simulations are designed to bring out behavior relevant to the most important aspects of the position or level for which the assessees are being considered. Known as “dimensions” (or competencies) these aspects of the job are identified prior to the assessment center by analyzing the target position. A job analysis procedure identifies the behaviors, motivations, and types of knowledge that are critical for success in the target position. During the assessment, the job simulations bring out assessees’ behavior or knowledge in the target dimensions.

Engage Game-Based Assessment Center

Games are very popular in modern culture. We have been examining ways to leverage these engaging environments to assess and support important candidate competencies, especially those that are not optimally measured by traditional assessment formats. Instead of asking your candidates to complete a traditional assessment which includes group discussion, role play, in-tray … etc that feels like a test, they get to play a series of games.

We do combine game-based thinking and science-based psychometrics to make it more fun for the candidate and at the same time to provide our clients with a detailed report for each candidate.

It's not easy to know what each game will be measuring and how.